Einar Christian Klanderud

Corporate law, tax law, commercial law applied to mergers.

Universidad Francisco Marroquín Law School, Guatemala magna cum laude
New York University Law School (LL.M., 2003)
José Vicente Rodríguez Award for Academic Achievement in Civil Law, Universidad Francisco Marroquín Law School, Guatemala, 1999

Carlos Rafael Pellecer

International attorney at Van Bael & Bellis, Brussels, Belgium, 2003. Teaching assistant for international business law, Universidad Francisco Marroquín Law School and School of Business, LL.M. program, 2002.

José Javier Sosa

U.S. Business Law Seminar, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2002. Introduction to American Law, American Institute for Legal Education, University of California, 2002.

Juan Sebastián Soto L.

Attorney Soto is a well-experience attorney in the intellectual property and technology field. He also has experience in structuring international business transactions, namely, distribution and franchise agreements and international sales agreements. Attorney Soto is responsible of the Intellectual Property practice area, where together with his teammates have been responsible of preparing legal structures for the protection of trade secrets, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copy rights, and other intangible assets of local and foreign companies. Also, he works closely with the Firms litigation team for the enforcement of intellectual property rights, achieving judicial actions for the seizure of illegal products and the performance of raids against illegal sites.

Attorney Soto relies in his powerful international network on intellectual property experts for the protection and management of intangible rights portfolios of foreign and local companies interested in seeking protection in Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, the United States and South America.

Rodolfo Emilio Sosa

Former general manager and president of the administrative board of Basic Resources International, Ltd. Former member of the advisory board of Guatemala’s Civil Aeronautics Department. Member of the board of directors of Fundaselva (previously the Guatemalan chapter of the Audubon Society).

Founder and president of the board of directors of Fundación guacamaya, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the development of the tropical forest in the northern Guatemalan province of Petén. Former instructor of civil procedure at Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala. Awarded the highest recognition from the French Legion of Honor.

Andrés Calvo Quezada

Andrés Calvo is a young Attorney, and has been part of the litigation division, and team member since 2015. He has experience areas of Constitutional, Administrative, Corporate, Civil, Inheritance, and Intellectual Property Litigation. 

Aura Marina Córdova

Aura Córdova is a member of the real state division of A.D. Sosa & Soto, S.C. She has been member of the team since 2016, during this time she has acquired experience in Civil, Commercial and Corporate Law, including contracts and agreements in these areas.

Daniel Marroquín

Daniel Marroquin is a strategic litigator and trial lawyer, expert in designing preventive litigation strategies, negotiating complex civil and criminal disputes, and presenting arguments in Courts.

Mr. Marroquin specializes in constitutional claims and is highly familiarized with the judicial precedents of the Courts in Guatemala. He has actively advised companies with asset recoveries techniques, white collar crimes, brand protection, intellectual property protection and contract enforcement.

Aside from strictly professional experiences and studies, Daniel Marroquin is one of the founding members of a non-profit organization called Congreso Transparente (Transparent Congress) that actively advocates for government transparency, the discussion of public policies, open government and government accountability.

David Antonio Barrientos Arias

David Barrientos is a practicing attorney since graduating from Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala in 2012.

He has a broad range of experience in general litigation including constitutional law, criminal law, rem forfeiture, administrative law, labor law, and civil law.

He has been involved in different cases in Guatemalan Courts, presenting arguments and setting legal and constitutional precedents for future cases.

He was assistant of college professor at Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala during the years of 2007, 2008, 2009.

Mr. Barrientos has also been a college Professor in different Law subjects at Universidad Rural de Guatemala from 2014 to 2016.

Hania Krück Gutiérrez

Hania Krück is an experienced attorney on national and international intellectual property matters.  Her main areas of practice are to advise and create strategies for national and foreign clients for the appropriate use, protection and enforcement of intangible assets in Guatemala and internationally; preparation of the contractual framework for technology transfer in the private and educational sector, and for any kind of protection of intellectual property rights, as well as management of national and international IP portfolios. 

Jacqueline Soto Sánchez

Jacqueline Soto has been member of the team since 2012, in this time she has acquired experience in Corporate law, Corporate Reorganization, Civil and commercial agreements, international business, legal documents and agreements for national and international clients.

Javier Estrada Miranda

Javier Estrada Miranda focuses his practice on criminal law and everything related to its litigation and prevention through the compliance, with extensive experience in criminal litigation techniques in economic criminal law.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Estrada worked in the trade defense team of the State of Guatemala in the Foreign Trade Administration Office in matters related to investment arbitration, as well as in matters of commercial dispute resolution.

He has served as Professor in the areas of Substantive Criminal Law, as well as Criminal Litigation courses at the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala, as well as visiting professor at the Universidad del Istmo in Guatemala.

Juan Pablo Ortíz

Attorney Ortiz is responsible for the Tax practice within the firm. In conjunction with other members of the team has been responsible for ensuring that the corporate structures as well as commercial ventures of our clients maximize the value for our clients while being fully compliant with local and international taxation laws.

Ligia Cordón Orellana

Corporate Law, Environmental Law, Energy Law, Finance Contracts, Corporate Reorganization. Work extensively in Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Engineer, Procurement and Construction Agreements (EPC), participated in project finance transactions, mergers and acquisitions of energy companies.

Liliana Sánchez Mack

Attorney Sánchez is a lawyer with extensive experience throughout almost three decades of professional practice, specializing her practice in the corporate, contractual and inheritance areas. Among her oldest clients are multinational corporations and local companies with a long history in the Guatemalan market.

Rita Pérez

Always seeking for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Manuel Arturo Soto

Always seeking for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Sebastián Quiñonez

He has represented recognized clients in judicial and administrative matters as individual work conflicts, collective recruitment, and dismissals. He is a lawyer with great commitment and negotiating skills, which makes it easy for him to assess labor disputes by reaching a cost and time effective solution.

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