Intelectual Property Protection

Trademark, Patents, and Copyrights Filings
International filings
Administrative and Judicial Appeals
License Agreements
Distribution and Franchise Agreements

Real Estate

Housing and Commercial Developments
Purchase and Lease of Property
Analysis and research of property

Civil and Criminal Litigation / Dispute Resolution

White collar crimes
Collection of debts
Injunctions /Constitutional Appeals
Intellectual Property Litigation / Seizure of Goods

Banking and Finance

Loan agreements
Project Financing
Sale and Lease Backs


Tax Compliance
Tax Planning
Corporate Restructuring


Incorporation of local and foreign companies
Mergers and Acquisitions
Purchase and Sale of Assets
Shareholders Agreements

Estate Planning

Estate Plans
Wills /Trusts / Private Foundations
Tax Strategy
Inheritance Laws Counseling
Alternate Methods of Inheritance
Contractual Agreements

Family Business Counseling

Sucession Planning
Family Board Structuring
Structuring of Family Office
Communication and Conflict Management


Guidelines for the incorporation of companies
Corporate Structuring
Comprehensive Legal Support

Labor and Hiring Assessment

Service and Labor Contracts
Legal Compliance
Working Permits
Risk Management
Collective Conflicts
Termination Agreements
Negotiation Proceedings


Permanent and Temporary Residences
Citizenship Applications
Guatemalan Work Authorizations for Foreign Nationals
Immigration Policy Development for Businesses and Organizations
Employer Regulatory Compliance
Work Visas
Assesment on Immigration Matters for Family Members of Foreign Officials

Oil and Mining

Environmental and Regulatory Assessment
Government Bid Processes
Exploration and Explotation Licences
Production Contracts
Upstream and Downstream Contracts
Off-Take Agreements
Government Contracts

Project Finance

Pre-Development Assessment
Project Finance Structures
Project Finance Credit Agreements
Regulatory and Environmental Permits
EPC Contracts
Turnkey Contracts
Input / Off-Take Contracts
Operation and Maintenance Agreements
Power Purchase Agreements
Export Credit Agreements